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Private Label Luxury Candles


Birmingham Candle Company was created to fill a niche in the private label candle industry. The focus is to provide a very high quality candle to customers who need short runs. 

Confidence with your products we manufacture is one of our top goals as we provide 2 million dollars in insurance on every candle we make. No matter the size of your company or the order, you can purchase and sell with confidence.

Frequently asked questions
Challenges Met!

What are the minimum quantities - We try not to state a minimum but as the process goes forward we always discover that shipping cost becomes important. Our shipping cartons hold 12 candles which usually influences the orders.

Can I have my own scent? - Yes, but that is where you hit minimum quantities. We can help you develop your own scent for approximately 350.00.

What makes the candle so good? - The quality of ingredients is simply the best plus all our components have been laboratory tested for efficiency.

How long will it take to get my candles? Often asked in the past but now with the increased capacity wait times have not exceeded two weeks.


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